1 Fact

is The US already has really strict sanctions in place against North Korea, which means nothing made there is allowed into America and nothing made in America can be sent to North Korea

2 understanding is that the nk is trying to start a fight the USA.

1 understanding that the USA is said that if nk try to hurt usa they will be killed

I question what will happen if aus HELP THE usa WILL IT HAVE A WORLD WAR 3???

No one went beyond the wall  No one  Rumors were always passing through the kingdom of what lay behind the stone wall It was the cheapest entertainment for peasants

johnparents wanted her to be a teacher in the palace classroom. john wanted to join the army.

Once every ten years, the army would seek folk living behind the wall to bring them into the kingdom.

Yondu longed to see what was so terrifying.

After she had finished her studies, she abandoned her parents’ dream and fufilled hers.

She thought to herself so what lies ahead of my life now?the end



hot day

the day was hot as the water  came down my face it time to go in the pool and have a great day.  I have woken up a 12:30pm and i think i mite fall again here it go ”bang  bang” man hahahahahaha that was funny man i fell i hit my head i  think i  pass out and was a a sleep for the whole day i woke up and it was really cold and i knew that it would be a another hot day but i can’t sleep i been a sleep for so much that i now feel so a wake what have i do

100wc Annoying

 Annoying man he had been following me for like 1 hour i been walk everywhere and i have been going the wrong way for the past 30 min for the first 30 min.  It was  going great but now i am going so far from my house i really want to run but i think he will try and  kill me. I am so scared and i don’t think  he will follow me so i think i mite walk to the police stash-ion  and he mite go away  as i go to the police stash-ion he came up to me and said you  had drooped your  book and he gave it and left the i felt so much better the  end


homeless people can help

When I was walking there was a flash of lightning that sparked up the sky. The flash was so bright that I tripped  over something along the footpath and smacked my head. This kind man who was sitting near by helped me up and took me to a safe place where he helped me with the bump on my head and gave me a drink of water. I didnt know he was homeless until i felt better.And now i know that the homeless are sometime kinder then we think they are and how they look and here they live.

this term we are doing projects and my is about the barking spider I am doing the barking spider it has a lot of thing and I have found a lot of information it  was not that hared to find information because ant had found all the kid project and put them on he blog I was working with  Ethan but now we are doing are onen  are if you want to see my power point there a link on my blog


Sea life Aquarium

today we have been to the Aquarium we were looking for a Antarctic it was good to look at all the different kind of animals it was good that every animal in the Aqarium we the feature are some were really big  i didn’t like the pig is were so ugly but i like see the shark i thought they were really and i new a lot of staff so i didnt need to really go becuase i new all of it so i thought i didnt really understand what she was saying because she would say one thinng and then start to talk about something alase but all it was goot to find out something new about the animals.

the webstite is :



the boy who life change 100wc

I just couldn’t eat something so i homeless so in my life you don’t really eat a lot of food so i now that i got money and i can get a lot of staff so i now he is my i live new Zealand and i lived on the beach i was always the first one there and always the last one there it when over and over again i got tell by people why are you not a school i said i don’t go to school now i have got a lot of my and i am eat a the biggest eating place in the state so that my story.