as the door slammed, I knew that my mum was home i had no time to make her the cake what do i do i have got to get the cake stuff in to my room so he spririce her with her birthday we need a plain we have got to have the cake ready so that we can have i a cake.

1hour later

yes the cake is made and we are start to have dinner so i will be able to give it to her after dinner after it time to get the cake i have said to my mum close ur eye and i gave her the cake and she love it the end

One thought on “100wc

  1. antsclass says:

    Ryan-it’s so great to see the effort you’ve been putting into your homework!
    This is a great, original idea- hearing the door slam and knowing your mum’s home when you’re planning a surprise. And you manage to fit a clear beginning, middle and end-even including a sizzling start!
    Make sure you reread to spot any errors and to make sure you have your full-stops in the right places.
    Awesome work mate!

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