1 Fact

is The US already has really strict sanctions in place against North Korea, which means nothing made there is allowed into America and nothing made in America can be sent to North Korea

2 understanding is that the nk is trying to start a fight the USA.

1 understanding that the USA is said that if nk try to hurt usa they will be killed

I question what will happen if aus HELP THE usa WILL IT HAVE A WORLD WAR 3???

No one went beyond the wall  No one  Rumors were always passing through the kingdom of what lay behind the stone wall It was the cheapest entertainment for peasants

johnparents wanted her to be a teacher in the palace classroom. john wanted to join the army.

Once every ten years, the army would seek folk living behind the wall to bring them into the kingdom.

Yondu longed to see what was so terrifying.

After she had finished her studies, she abandoned her parents’ dream and fufilled hers.

She thought to herself so what lies ahead of my life now?the end