The Lost Keys

The man had Are’s in a room he was a killer he went for everyone he did like and every time someone was rude to him he would kill them because he was from a mental hostile we have been here 3 week if we stay any longer we will die me & my brother I am Ryan & tray we are 12 year old we are twin and I am 1minture and 30 seconds old so as I was saying he was a mean ugly fat short Dumbo he like little kid for some missed up risen so the room we are in so big black with a Tv  and bathroom but the window are dark it 2:00am in the morning the guy is a sleep he will wake up at 10:30am and make us food like bacon & eggs

And then he would he would go to work and come back 7:00pm at night we have seen are face on tv but we have not said it to him because if we say anything he will kill us but soon we will be able to go home with are family we been make about 5 plain to get a way and out of this house so we don’t need to be in here I am getting tired of this place everyone have their backing plant this mine It like I am in jail he treat you like as a slay he a man in he 40 one day I will kill him myself and I in the big house but first let me tell you my plan first we wat intel he live and then.


we kick the door as hard as we can to brake it to make the door to open then he run to the front door but if he come back we wat  intel he open we hid behind the door run as far as we can and then we go as fastest a we can to the police statin then we tell them was happen we will have got to say where he liv and were he house number is then they will get him and we are set and the man will go to jail and they will lose the key so now it time to do ready go he left wat he got to door the back door or the front door let take the back but that were the car is OK the front he not coming back he gone go run yes look there a shop hi buddy how can I help you do you have a phone yes we are the kid on the TV we been kidnapped and we found a way to get we are on are way.

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  1. phoebe2014 says:

    Hey Ryan,

    It was a good story but because of the punctuation and the paragraphs it didn’t make a lot of sense. If you work on it you would be great at writing.
    Good job
    From Indigo and Phoebe

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