I would like to apply to be a SRC captain because it help be a leadership been a leader it help you get ready for year 7.being a good leader makes you feel like you are helping people being nice help people to think that you are a nice person and then when time go by you are a nice person to be around listening to people make you understand if you need to change something or if you have made them upset I think listening is a big one you need to listening people that a big thing because you need understand everyone you are around understanding people will help you because when you understand people they will understand you and it will help you when you become a SRC captain. .so I hope you pick the right person for the job\ thank you   by Ryan Bajramov

to ant

To ant I went to a lot of place I went to the pools a lot and I went to kaoower 2 or 3 week and I went to my friend house who live 5 hour away from my house and I got to hang out with him for 2 weeks.

Internet saftey Day 2017

Today is Internet safety day 2017.Today we learnt many ways on how easy it can be for people to get personal details on yourself. Just a few simple clicks can be the difference between all your private things be exposed to everyone. In this webinar they made us think about what we would do in that point in time. They asked on how we used our social media sites which we thought was a good idea to help kids watch what there doing. If you do get into trouble we learnt that you can easily prevent this like blocking them.