As my mom and my dad were gone my heart started to die i had no one that love me anymore  so i started to walk having no one that even would look at me but the a woman picked me up  said no and said were is your parents and i said to her that they had ran away so she invited me to stay with her.

As time went by as i hit 12 years old she left me so as i saw her leave i said acan i come she just said no so i just got some of myv stuff and then i was out then  i would go to the libary and then i would read for a whole day so one day i went and i found a $100 note so i ran and got food and clothes and i was happy because i still had $30 left so i use $70 then i realised that i would never have anyone to look after me so as i walk  to a  hole  and just looked at the sky i know this is THE END.

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