The bad night hahahahahaha

As the windy was hard and the house move to bit I  Knock on the door but it open with no one there Jake we should go in no way that look bad no you are just a baby no I am  not said Jake yes you and  Ryan you call me a baby all the time.

But can we just do it my way we will only be in there for 5-10minture ok but that is it ok  Ollie you coming yes john are you coming ok I will come good as we started to walk in as we head for a room we looked behind us and there were 4 clowns run.

As we run to the close room just see the hit the door look there a window o-no what look the clown are in bang  no THE END.

PS   john died Ryan and Ollie and Jake got out just remember you may be next so watch out hahahahahahahaha have fun.

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