The bad night hahahahahaha

As the windy was hard and the house move to bit I  Knock on the door but it open with no one there Jake we should go in no way that look bad no you are just a baby no I am  not said Jake yes you and  Ryan you call me a baby all the time.

But can we just do it my way we will only be in there for 5-10minture ok but that is it ok  Ollie you coming yes john are you coming ok I will come good as we started to walk in as we head for a room we looked behind us and there were 4 clowns run.

As we run to the close room just see the hit the door look there a window o-no what look the clown are in bang  no THE END.

PS   john died Ryan and Ollie and Jake got out just remember you may be next so watch out hahahahahahahaha have fun.

Name story: everyone will die soon

As I walk on the grass, I was trying to get as far away as I could because of the two men trying to find me so they can kill me.

So when I was 13, me and my friend jumped in to a house and stole $15k. It wasn’t just anyone’s house, it was a man names James’ house. James was a rude man and didn’t like little kids.

So now he knows it was me and my friend John who stole his money. He is going to kill us! He is going for John first because John was the one who had been seen when we were runnning away. Next he is coming for me.

He had found me once before, but I got away. He had been trying to get us for about 10 years and he is still coming for us!

We ran in to the forest and that was the last time I saw John. That was when a bear killed him. At least James didn’t get him. And that’s what happened. I just came to new York and now I live a good life. The End.

Episode 2

 For as long that my friend had been dead I don’t sleep that much because he was my best friend I was about to go to work when I had gotten text from Mathew say that the guy are coming for him.

I didn’t know so I said go to the air port and jump on a plane that will take you to new York and then you should be ok and then you can come and live with me so you don’t get killed.

Hey is john there said Mathew no he died and the floral is on tomorrow so if you get here by tomorrow you can come with me and we can do it to getter ok said Mathew  so I will talk to you tomorrow.

I live in 5 of 24 Evans street ok I will see you tomorrow as the hour went by the more likely he will be here it was 12pm in the morning I got out of bed called Mathew to see were he was and he picked up saying he was a the door so I opened the door and there he was we have only got 1 hour in till the formal ok and we go get some staff one hour later we made it come on get out ok let go yes we made it as it went on and say everyone cried I start to see everything that happen it was the end of the formal everyone was gone Matt what are you going to do if you are going to live with me you need to get a job apartment ok so you can live in your omen house but for the week or two you can stay here the end.

science video


1.the birthplace of the earlise form of moden horoscopic.

2.the indian texts was burnd by the spainsh people.

3.tally miny was a efity sedse who was burn in the ancient echiped.


1.Indiaan were slave for the spainsh people.

2.That on the north side one of the star name will change.

Questions long have the asteroides been at the museum for.