term 2 science reflection

this term we did an chemistry we all did an experiments to see what liquid would evaportion the fastest the to thing we did was get 6 liquid,6 busen and burner,6 becker.my fact are when you put the heat up the liquid burn and not work.it had taken 8 minture for the honey to be born then we had to turn it off because it could make the exparment not work.when doing the exparment we wand out that the honey was the fastest.
now two understanding
we should be able to do more on gas and solids.and now i know that honey is faster then water,oil,salt water,.
1 wonder i still have is why the honey was faster then the oil or the water,.
how i work in my team i did really well and we had gotten everything we need have i think working was really good because it was easy to get everything we need to have and we really work as a team.the most important bit in my exparment would 1.doing the exparment.2.getting everythink

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