back years a go a man had help a person get  out  from a hostage back a long time a go there was a  door and inside the door was a house of kid a lot of kid there are like 11 year but there is one boy there a man would come and see the boy the boy like the man coming and see him but one day the man and he’s friend had gotten a call bye a  friend to help get he’s brother from a hostage because they said if we call the police they will kill my boy so will you help me get my brother they had said no first but then they had change there mild and said yes where is he on Evan st thank we will get him cool by 1 hour later we are here look they have got the same door as the house we go to you are right let go check it out no wait they are here way do they need to be here now i don’t know let just get the man and then we can go home and then we will be  free so come on there let go thought the door you where talking about so come on OK just give me some time i am not that good of a runner we are in we will need to be really guilt so we can get him and go home OK then i can see him hey Leo yes i am Leo we are here to save you OK how do you know me i know your brother OK then how long will you be i will around 5 minture  OK that is a good time i will talk to them 5 minture  later  i got it what was that come on OK i am stank o man you have got to be joking me right wait i am out then come on let not wait for the grass to grow OK then don’t need to be so rude o right OK then how did you find me your brother had called and had said that you had been taken and if they call police you would die thank you for saveing me that was really nice of you to help me we are just doing what your brother tald are’s to do then he is a really good brother i know two hour later here we are you are home at last thank you for get my brother i think you should stay home for a long time you don’t want to be taken again i will i think it time to go home o right  i am so tierd i am so tierd to i just want to go to sleep tomorrow we will go see the house of the kids yep but let go to sleep goodnight 5 hour later it is 7:30 am look the kids are out side hey kids how are you ”good you ”we are good to we will be here today ”ok

One thought on “THE HOSTAGE

  1. Come clash with my clash of royal!Just another site says:

    Hey Ryan
    I like your story but I found some mistake they are
    1.Where is you goal?
    2.This sentence has some errors: yes where is he on Evan st. It should say
    “yes where is he”,”on Even st”
    3.I’v haven’t found any full-stops nor comers same with talking marks
    4. you have over 500 words
    5. bye is split by

    over all I still like you story

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