My Buddy Refection

my buddy refection i think my buddy was really good i think he is really smart kid he like to play a lot but i think i can tech him for grade 1. harry like to play with people chicks harry like to play with he friend my buddy is really a really good kid he like playing a lot of games and like to draw and to run i think my buddy will lean a lot of new thing and will be great in grade 1 

you are a great person i hope i can tech you a lot of new things the end


  1. Always by honest it will help you later in life.
  2. honest look like giving facial to tell the other Person you are not lying.
  3. Sometimes you have to trust people you don’t always trust.
  4. be honest mean your respectful.
  5. when you honest you feel good about yourself.
  6. if your true yourself and other you know your doing something righter 

the bad green boy

Moonee Ponds Primary School

100 Word Challenge
the bad green day there where two 2 boy they going to bed but then they hare a big sand coming from my bathroom when they there a big bad green boy they had ran in to bed they try to go to sleep but then the big green boy had come in to the kids room and said come out come out i want to play with you i got you a toy Jack what do we do i don’t know come out now before i eat you Tom stop crying on i got no Jack let me go you are right by Ryan bajramov

the zoo no one will go to


the dead animal when the tiger was a boy he had die everyday he would came back from the dead and eat i animal from the so everyday they would look at him one look at they he did not came out they are still looking for hes bond from this day no one has ever look at so that why no one to the zoo so the one ever go to a zoo with a tiger still eat people who look at it the end so don’t go to a zoo the end

death pool

News Of The Night
The Bad Green Boooooooooo

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